Demand to honor Dalai Lama with “Bharat Ratna”

Hamirpur: The Umbrella Organization and Central Coordinating Body of all Tibet Support Groups in India has taken a strong notice of the central government  directing the central ministers and other senior government functionaries not to attend the felicitation function of the Dalai Lama in New Delhi on 3rd November. The organization said that the government decision has demonstrated utter lack of diplomatic skills and national self respect on the part of Indian government. “This decision looks more unfortunate in the light of fears that the government has taken this step simply to accommodate the sensitivities of a Chinese regime that has been consistently showing disregard and contempt for Indian national interests and public sentiments” it added.

This insensitivity, demonstrated by the government has not only hurt the feelings of millions of supporters of Tibet and Dalai Lama, but also of those millions of individuals all over the world who admire Dalai Lama for showing way towards peaceful resolution of the most complicated political and social issues facing the human race today.

The organization has demanded from the Government of India to honor Dalai Lama with Bharat Ratna on the analogy of Congressional Gold Medal that was awarded to him by the US Congress recently.

The organization said that in stead of taking this type of immature decisions, it should use its influence on the colonial Chinese rulers of Tibet to solve the Tibetan issue through a peaceful dialogue with the Dalai Lama. He is the most suitable representative of Tibetan people as its deposed ruler and the highest religious leader.

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