Controversy over Dhumals’ photo

President justifies his stand

HAMIRPUR: A picture of BJP MP, Prem Kumar Dhumal displayed in the office of the President of the local Civic body has invited the ire of the District Election Officer here to the Civic body. Ms. Nandini Gupta, the Deputy Commissioner of Hamirpur has issued a notice to the civic body regarding displaying of this picture following a complaint by a BSP leader. The BSP leader had complained that by installing the picture of Prof. Dhumal, the civic body was contravening the provisions of the Model code of conduct issued for the current Vidhan sabha elections.

The Deputy Commissioner has asked the Executive Officer of the Civic body to explain his position regarding this picture. Kanhaiya Lal, the E.O of the committee admitted having received such a notice.

Meanwhile, sharply reacting over the letter of the Deputy Commissioner, the President of the Civic body, Deep Kumar has justified his action of hanging the portrait of Prof. Dhumal in his office. He clarified in his reply to the Deputy Commissioner that it was his prerogative to hang the photo of his party leader in his office. He said that if it was wrong to hang the portrait of the BJP leader, what should be the fate of other photos of Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Chief Minister, Vir Bhadra Singh that were also put up in his office.

Deep Kumar told reporters today that there was no violation of Model code of conduct regarding the hanging of photo of Prof. Dhumal in his office and if this photo was to be removed then this principle was to be followed all over state, where pictures of the chief minister and other Congress leaders were also hanging in almost all government/ corporation and other offices.

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