Political parties react to Election announcement

We are prepared for elections – Jai Ram Thakur

‘We are prepared for elections’ said Jai Ram Thakur, BJP state president, welcoming the Election Commissions decision to advance the state assembly election by two months. We have always been a votary for holding elections to all the assembly segments at the same time and the election commission has justified our stand, he said.

Thakur added that the timely announcement would help to put a stop to the propaganda unleashed by the congress party by announcing new schools, colleges, job openings as a means of luring the voters at the fag end of the government term. He asked the election commission to oversee any misuse of government or administrative machinery by congress leaders or ministers as the election code had come into effect.

Congress will repeat a term – Stokes

We will repeat a term and have nothing to fear’ said Vidya Stokes, senior cabinet minister and former state congress president in response to the elections being announced to the state assembly.

Stokes said, “the congress led government had ushered development in the state, provide a corruption free administration, had been able to wrest price control and had launched massive employment programs.” The issues would help the congress to return to powers, she added.

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