Mr. Virbhadra Singh Welcomes Early Assembly Polls

virbhadra2.jpgWashington DC: Mr. Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh who is visiting USA to secure funds from World Bank and to woo major industry houses for investment in Himachal Pradesh, welcomed announcement of election commission on Wednesday for early assembly polls in the state on November 14 and December 19.

”We welcome the Election Commission’s announcement. We are prepared for elections and there will be peaceful elections in Himachal Pradesh,” said Mr. Virbhadra Singh. Mr. Singh has welcomed the two-phase poll in Himachal Pradesh, saying it will give him more time to campaign for his party candidates. He said Congress party will form governments in Himachal as well as in Gujarat states with the help of people who are tired of political parties which are dividing the society in the name of religion and regionalism. He described these parties the biggest security threat inside the country. He asked the people to be very careful from the evil designs of these entities and asked people of the state to defeat these forces in the coming election.

“We will repeat the history and win the election this time even with greater margin. People of Himachal Pradesh know about the development by the Congress government. They know which government provided them with electricity, school, hospital and roads in great numbers. They don’t want to stop the current momentum of developmental work in the state and go backwards. People in Himachal know which government is working for them day and night. Our track record of development in all spheres of life in the state is a testimony about Congress Government commitment to common people. People from all walk of life and especially poor, middle class, aged, women, disabled, and ex-servicemen have benefitted the most with the developmental policies of our government,” remarked Mr. Singh.

He further added that Congress party is committed to the progress of whole state and does not believe in the politics of regionalism. Congress government is working at national and state level to make a better tomorrow for our citizens. He asked all Himachalis to be proud of them as the State is recognized now at the international level for its developmental track record, clean corruption free administration and that is why world financial institutions like World Bank etc. are providing a helping hand to keep the momentum of the development in the state.

“We are a united party. We have vision for Himachal Pradesh. We have development track record and commitment to make Himachal Pradesh a better place for everyone,” remarked Mr. Singh. “The Congress led government had impressive development in the state, a corruption free administration, and was able to check prices and had produced massive employment programs,” he added.

Mr. Virbhadra asked people of Himachal Pradesh to support his party and make it win with a land sliding majority so he can make Himachal a better, safe and a proud state for everyone.

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