Ghanvi landslide video on YouTube

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  1. Having been to the site of the Ghanvi cloud burst disaster site, one thing that can safely be said is that the reuters report does not carry any footage of the disaster site.

    Only stock shots of Satluj River in spate have been used.

    Besides most of the victims were not working on a hydropower project but were simple village folks who had been living there for generations.

  2. Thank you for your suggestions. I just posted this as it was available
    on free website and I thought to share it with rest of Himachali
    friends to see devastation first hand. However being a student I was
    unable to visit the place however electronic media also showed it but
    nothing was available online. However I would request you that since
    you always take interest in my posts I would like you to share news on
    our blog as you know this is for Himachal and as name also says
    “myHimachal” so lets come forward and if you have anything please feel
    free to share on this platform, after all its all about citizen taking
    control of the situation.

    I would look forward for your kind suggestions in future also. Thank you.

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