NSUI dominates SCA elections in Sirmour

NAHAN: NSUI nominees registered victory on most of the posts in four Government Degree Colleges while in Shillai Collaege ABVP seeps the panel in the SCA elections which held peacefully in all five government Degree colleges in the district today.
In Nahan Govt degree College for the post of President NSUI candidate Vishal Kashyap [408 votes] defeated ABVP candidate Bhanu Thakur [188], for Vice President NSUI candidate Madan Singh [307] defeated Govind Singh Khojta [270] of SFI, for the post of General Secy NSUI candidate Kapil Chauhan [297] defeated Shushil Kumar [258] of SFI while post of Joint Secy was captured by SFI candidate Jagdish Chauhan [310] by defeating Arun Kumar [277] of NSUI.

In Paonta Govt Degre college the post of President was captured by SFI-NSUI combine candidate Aman Sharma [262] by defeating Kapil Dev [249] of Hati Students Union. Rest of the three seats were captured by the Hati Students Union while ABVP candidates in this BJP dominated area remained on third place with poor performance. For the post of Vice President Swati Chauhan [270] defeated Karuna Dhamija [225], for the post of General Secretary Reetu Sharma [260] defeated Gulfan Ali [237] and for the post of Joint Secy Vinod Kapoor [273] defeated Ankita Chaudhary [248].

In Rajgarh government degree college ABVP candidate Parveen Thakur defeated NSUI candidate Ashwani Kashyap with a margin of only one vote. Sushma Sharma of NSUI was elected Vice president by defeating Sheetal Kumari of ABVP with a margin of 20 votes. Vikas Habbi of NSUI was elected General Secy, he defeated ABVP candidate Santoshi Sharma with a margin of 15 votes, while ABVP candidate Shyam Lal Thakur was elected Joint Secretary, he defeated Poonam Sharma of NSUI by 28 votes.

In Shillai Degree College whole panel was captured by ABVP candidates with the efforts of BJP leader Amar Singh Chauhan who was actively involved in the elections as per sources. NSUI candidates received defeat on all seats. Urender Singh [75] was elected President, he defeated Vikram Negi [73], Mohan Singh [85] captured the post of Vice President by defeating Jeevan Singh [60], Narayani Devi [82] defeated Vijay Lakshmi [62] for the post of General Secy and for the post of Joint Secy Savita Verma [85] registered win by defeating Reena [58].

In government Degtree College Sangrah, all the posts were captured by the NSUI by defeating ABVP. For the post of President Priyanka Sharma defeated Surender Singh with a margin of 6 votes. Shiv Prasad and Sarita were elected unopposed for the posts of Vice President and General Secy respectively, while Raksha Sharma defeated Kapil for the post of Joint Secy.

Working as district correspondent with The Tribune & Danik Tribune in Sirmour.

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