Bad days for theatre in Shimla

play.jpgShimla: It is not a good news. There is one another reason because of which the very identity of hills queen is under threat. Not only for its natural beauty, Shimla city is also known for its theatre activities. Noted film star Anupam Kher mastered over his acting skills in classic Gaity Theatre on The Mall. Also late Manohar Singh worked hard in its walls before entering bollywood. Gaity theatre has given a lot, not only to Shimla but also to the nation. One can measure the importance of Gaity by the fact that legend Prithviraj Kapoor had also performed in Gaity. Now as this theatre is under renovation, dramatic activities in the city are suffering a lot.

After the annual summer festival it was Natyotsav, the festival of drama in Kalibari Hall, which went through from 8th to 15th June. Pity is that it was too flop to attract spectators. There are many reasons which can be associated, but major one is the venue. Kalibari Hall is too small and less effective to appeal to the devotees of drama. During many performances the spectators were less than the performing artists.

The other side of story is negligence of Language and Art department is on the stake of critics for the long span of time which has been taken in order to make Gaity functional. There are many questions which have to be answered.

President, Shimla federation of theatre Deven Joshi, said that all artists are very sad and confused when they don’t get spectators. There are 15 dramas in the city, but not one gets houseful. He demands the serious attention of Govt. and claims that we cannot let loose the soul of Shimla, that is the rich tradition of drama.

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