Cena defeats Great Khali

Once again its defeat for Great Khali. Its almost last chance for Khali to claim WWE Championship. However, in India, this match is available after June 23. This time at One Night Stand, there were no questions left unanswered. The Champ had beaten the never-pinned monster. In a Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match, Cena methodically hacked down the giant with whatever he could find. Cena FU’d the beast from on top of a construction crane down to the arena floor, then covered him for the three-count to earn the undisputed victory.

As the match started, Cena tried to strike quickly, keeping out of the reach of Khali, striking at his tree-trunk-like legs with stiff kicks. But Cena wasn’t fast enough. As promised, Khali caught The Champ, unleashing several strong chops to his head. Khali later took the fight outside the ring, throwing Cena headfirst into Jim Ross’ monitor at the Raw announce table. Then the fight spilled into the crowd, where Cena found his saving grace. First, Cena used a technician’s TV monitor to stun Khali, then a camera boom crane. Cena raked the beast’s eyes and lifted him up on his shoulders for the FU. The crowd roared as Cena then slammed Khali down 12 feet to the concrete floor.

Dalip Singh, known as Great Khali come from Himachal Pradesh.

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  1. says: SAM_L

    Great Cena……………………….
    I Love cena…………………….
    Cena is number one……………………………….

  2. says: amol

    thats all foolish. wwe is just a showoff play. i dont think they actually fight. can u really believe that a man like khali can be easily defeated from cena type of guy. hey….its impossible.

  3. says: CHARLES

    Cena is one of the legends at WWE he made the FU to great khali, big show and umaga that are guys over 300 pounds, he goes to the gym every day 3 hours and practice since high school he can really beat him.

  4. says: rakesh narnol

    being a himachali,
    i love one and only tiger mr.dalip singh rana the pride of india.i wish him to become the world champ.again.

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