Mankotia levels corruption charges against Himachal CM Virbhadra Singh

vbsingh.JPGmankotia.jpgMajor Vijay Singh Mankotia, Congress MLA from Shahpur of Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly has leveled serious corruption charges against Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh.

He has brought an audio cassette and CD, which mentions names of Himachal CM and his wife in corruption related charges.

Major Vijay Singh Mankotia is taken as Congress rebel from Vidya Stokes camp who recetnly patched up with CM after Congress central high command intervention.

Mankotia is long term Virbhadra rebel and in April 2006 he brought a Trigarth cap as against Virbhadra’s Himachali cap.

After Shimla MC elections, which were taken as Virbhadra win and boost for Hamirpur bye elections for COngress, its going to be seen what politics Mankotia has in mind behind this step. Congress is lagging behind in Hamirpur elections as Prem Kumar Dhumal is considered winning candidate.

Mankotia was tourism minister in Himachal cabinet but was dropped due to his differences with CM. GS Bali is another rival of Mankotia who is considered right hand man of Cm with multiple ministries under his command. Another strong point here is that behind all this the motive of Kangra or lower belt of Himachal CM is a strong demand for next assembly.

Watch this space as more details unfolds.

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  1. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    “If you cannot change the system better be a part of it”. Most of the people in our country have perhaps imbibed this philosophy. Criticism of politicians and their aims are common everywhere but people have no other option but to align with someone so that they can influence the normal course. Here every one becomes a part of the vicious circle.
    But, what about the future of my Himachal? Should we remain satisfied by comparing the state with UP, Bihar etc.? There are many developed countries in the world with the same size and population like Himachal. We are not resource poor but lack in honesty, vision and planning. Politics which rests on corruption and sycophancy sustains this difference.

  2. says: Ravinder Mkahik

    I did watch this space for early breaking of the story but it was delayed substantially. For once the job was not done professionally.

    Even this post filed does not give much details of what charges Mr Mankotia leveled against chief minister Virbhadra Singh.

    No matter what was disclosed by Mankotia, the damage to the congress party is done. Now losing the Hamirpur ‘by election is a forgone conclusion.

    Yash Raj Sharma, you need to sharpen your writing skills and being technology save is esstential for being a techno-journalist.

    However it is a good attempt and one can always catch up fast

  3. Audio CD released in Dharamsala
    CM took money for NOCs, alleges Mankotia
    Kulwinder Sandhu
    Tribune News Service

    Dharamsala, May 28
    Coming out of hibernation, former tourism minister and Congress MLA from Shahpur Vijay Singh Mankotia today fired a salvo at Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh by releasing an audio CD with telephonic conversations regarding monetary transactions allegedly with voices of the CM, his wife Pratibha Singh, a former Shimla DM considered close to the CM and some other people close to the royal family.

    The conversations in the audio CD give clear indications of monetary transactions and accepting bribes for issuing no-objection certificates to many industrial barons for setting up projects in the hill state.

    The names of many industrial houses related to the power, liquor, industry, hotel, cement and steel sectors have also come up in the recorded telephonic conversations conveying that they had allegedly paid money to get no-objection certificates for setting up projects.

    Talking to the mediapersons, Major Mankotia said nothing could deter him from fighting the nexus of corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and power brokers in Himachal Pradesh.

    He said Virbhadra Singh was playing a politics of terror to suppress his critics but time had changed and his terror would in no longer prevail upon politics of the hill state. Saying that time had come to show the door to corrupt politicians, he asked the Congress high command to immediately expel the Chief Minister and bring in new leadership to regain the lost glory of the party in the state.

    He said if party president Sonia Gandhi could take stern action against senior leaders like Sukh Ram and Natwar Singh why action could not be taken against Virbhadra Singh, who was allegedly minting money from project clearances.

    He urged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to order an inquiry into the audio tape by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

    When asked why he had chosen this time to release the audio CD when electioneering for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha byelection was in full swing, Major Mankotia said that he received this audio CD only a couple of days back. Moreover, exposing corruption did not require any particular time, he added.

    He also levelled charges of corruption against certain ministers of the Virbhadra Cabinet and a few senior bureaucrats, claiming that they were also collecting money for the Chief Minister from the industrial barons seeking NoCs for setting up industries.

    Not my voice, says CM

    Reacting on the audio CD issue Virbhadra Singh outrightly denied that it was his voice in the CD and said that the government as well as the party was legally examining the CD. Appropriate legal action would be taken by the government in this matter, besides the action at the party level. He refused further comment, saying that he was yet to examine the audio CD. CM’s wife Pratibha Singh could not be contacted for her comments despite repeated efforts.

    BJP plays CD in rallies

    The BJP has started playing the audio CD in public rallies, demanding resignation from the CM. By the evening, the CD was played in 10 public rallies in Hamirpur and Bilaspur districts, reports received here revealed.

    BJP candidate from Hamirpur Prem Kumar Dhumal said Virbhadra Singh had no moral right to hold the highest political post after having been exposed in the audio CD.

  4. Dr. Mr. Mkahik,

    Thank you for kind words, with your able and kind guidance I would like to improve my journalism skills.

    As such we had the news very first on Internet. However we were not able to acquire the real content so we were little bit late in providing all details. However in future, I assure you we will bring very first news and that too with all details. Please keep guiding.


  5. says: Dinesh

    Well everyone knows in Himachal, Mankotia has hate relationship with CM. It seems he got emotional and thought after Shimla MC elections if his very own party is not stopped then his life long dream of becoming CM of Himachal wont be feasible. Although its quite a dream!

    Another aspect could be BJP using Mankotia to gain some mileage in Hamirpur elections after all BJP’s star PK Dhumal is on stake.

    But some one should give some advice to mankotia that after levelling corruption charges against his own CM, what mileage he is going to get as politcians. Where in India even after Video cassettes, people get free then how come some one on audio cassette could be framed.

  6. says: rakesh sharma

    We are a wonderful state thrown to whims and fancies of few powerful, else each one of himachali can be happy, prosperous and developed, nature has given so much to us

    Get the real people to lead you not jokers

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