Japanese minister commits suicide

Consider the case of a minister (in Japan) committing a suicide because he was embroiled in various money laundering scandals. Whereas see the attitude of the corrupt indian politicians. There are plenty of them.& the Most honest PM  (atleast pretending to be) doesn’t want to take any action because he want to save his chair.
Tokyo, May 28

Japan’s farm minister, Toshikatsu Matsuoka, under fire for a series of political funding scandals, has killed himself, NHK said today.

Earlier, Matsuoka was found unconscious in his room at a residential complex for lawmakers in central Tokyo near Parliament, and media reports said he had attempted to hang himself in the room.

Matsuoka’s death comes less than two months before an election to Parliament’s upper house, a key test for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government.

Media reports have linked Matsuoka to a number of political fund scandals. —

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  1. says: Rakesh Kumar Sharma

    “If you cannot change the system better be a part of it”. Most of the people in our country have perhaps imbibed this philosophy. Criticism of politicians and their aims are common everywhere but people have no other option but to align with someone so that they can influence the normal course. Here every one becomes a part of the vicious circle.

    But, what about the future of my Himachal? Should we remain satisfied by comparing the state with UP, Bihar etc.? There are many developed countries in the world with the same size and population like Himachal. We are not resource poor but lack in honesty, vision and planning. Politics which rests on corruption and sycophancy sustains this difference.

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