Himachal youth’s body waiting for custody in Italy

ram-chander-the-victim.jpgfile-pic-2.jpgBody of Chander Ram who was strangled to death in Modena, Italy on 12th November 2006 is still waiting for custody by his family. Chander Ram was from Sayanh village of Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. He worked as Chef in Italy and has one son and wife, both stays in Noida UP, India.

Ram’s wife Anita Gupta is struggling to get legal custody of the body as their marriage was not registered in local panchayat and she does not have any legal marriage proof. However their son is registered in local panchayat.

Talking to “My Himachal” she produced marriage snaps and other required documents which proves that both were married. Anita has knocked at all doors, she has met National Woman Commission to Ministers in Delhi without any success.

Anita is now planning to approach Himachal Chief Minsiter for help.

Below are the documents provided by Anita Gupta to prove her marriage status.

file-pic-1.jpg latter-from-itally.jpg ministr.jpg

recipt-of-moner-transfer-to-wife-anita-3.jpg recipt-of-moner-transfer-to-wife-anita-3.jpg visa.jpg

visa-1.jpg file-pic-3.jpg

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