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vivah.jpgHimachal has been showcased in endless Indian movies. Mumbai film industry’s favorite destination use to be Himachal. Many movies in older times showcased Himachal and its culture, but Vivah captures Himachali culture much closely.

Some of the folk song tunes are incorporated in music of Vivah movie. The sweet folk music resonates with Himachal and its culture so much.

Not only for scenic Chamba and Sirmour valley scenes but watch Vivah movie also for the rich and innocent culture it portrays of Himachal. Those from Himachal would be easily able to associate to the movie. To those who don’t know much about our culture this movies is one closely associated.

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  1. says: ashok

    Vivah is simple sweet movie. I have already watched it 5times.I have no words for praising Rajshri to give us such a nice movie.

    1. says: sandeep kumar

      vivah aak sangam ha , jahaa par aak saath kaye dil mila jaate ha. aur aak khushal pariwar banta ha
      sandeep kumar
      bilaspur ,himachal pardesh

  2. says: Shamsa

    I think this movie is one of all time favorite for me. I watch this movie 4 times a week and i love it. I personally recommend this movie to anyone.

  3. says: varsha

    dis muvi ll move u on!!! after watchin m dreamin 4 a lover lik a prem[shahid] f “vivah”
    such a simple n romantic muviii really appreciation rajshreee give us more!!

  4. says: Tarun

    it is one nd only my favourite movie..i cant say how many times i’v watched this movie,,,atleast 100-110times and still i love to watch the movie,,,loved the movie very much.

  5. says: kousalya

    Hi i luv this movie is a lotttttttttt, because Amrita she is gorgeous beauty, what a look and expressions, wow, this movie is my all time favourite, then i watch this movie in 65 times i like so much of Shahid and Amrita Paring. bye

  6. says: Mayda Fajar

    I like this m0vie s0 much. In history, Aceh has relati0nship with Hindi. The engaging culture 0f this m0vie reminds us h0w s0 cl0se the culture 0f the relati0nship..
    Gentle, p0lite and the gl0ry 0f the true l0ve played s0 fabul0us.
    L0ve this m0vie s0 much!!

  7. says: Esther

    Hello there!!!
    Vivah is one of my favorite movie from all indians movie, I like the setting and story which about the engagement to the marriage. i believe that you still hold on to your culture…lol..

    Love this movie so much..

    Thank you

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