Kangra Tea-‘Desi Chai’


Now get Himachal’s Kangra valley Tea online!

Simple leaf tea has Himachal tea for sale now! Himachal tea is called ‘desi chai’ back in Kangra valley. Kangra Valley is the only area where tea is grown in Himachal, its unique environment protected by majestic Dhauladhars is supposed to be the reason behind excellent natural qualities of this unique brand. Desi chai is mostly sun dried and it has unique aroma due to its freshness.

Golden Tips teas sells packaged tea but unique ‘Desi chai’ is different and is not at all processed at factories.

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  1. says: surjit

    hi…i want to purchase kangra tea but how can get & what is coast for 1kg or packing system.
    please send the tea types and rate list.
    surjit rana

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