A Himachali among the top Panelist of the BBC World Debate watch on 4th-5th July

worldDebateWe feel proud to notify you all that on Sat 4th July: 0710 GMT, 1510 GMT, 1910 GMT and Sun 5th July: 0010 GMT, 0710 GMT, 1510 GMT, 1910 GMT; Mr.Arjun Katoch a Himachali and the UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination team Chief, is among the top panelists and will be seen on BBC World on mentioned date and time.

The World Debate will focus on: To what extent can we really reduce the dangers from future disasters? Does investing in prevention divert funds from rescue efforts when disasters do occur?

Why is it difficult to persuade governments and individuals to protect themselves against disasters? What needs to be done to cut risk, and who should do it?

And with climate change do all these questions need an urgent answer?

Other panelists of the debate are Senator Loren Legarda, Philippine Senator, Guido Bertolaso, Head of Italy’s Civil Protection Agency and Edward Borodzicz, Professor of risk management at Portsmouth Business School.

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