Virbhadra withdraws defamation case against Jaitley


“The defamation case against Arun Jaitely stands withdrawn,” Virbhadra told reporters on yesterday. He added that he did not wish to press the issue now that Jaitely is the country’s finance minister and the state government had to interact with the union ministry about important financial matters concerning the state.

The Modi Effect – One Nation, One India, One Indian


Modi has reawakened and united a Hindu psyche that had somehow, by some twisted political logic, been bludgeoned into a state of self reproach and self-denial by mercenary politicians , an effete, English speaking, ersatz liberal intelligentsia and secular fundamentalists.

The Election Commission – Clueless, Toothless And Speechless


Never before has the authority and impartiality of the Commission been challenged in this manner, never before has it been WARNED by a candidate to behave itself, never has it been defied by a state government to do its worst, never before has it been warned of retribution by a state government, rarely has its officials been obstructed as this time.