The Purity of Ayurveda Refreshes your skin and mind. Choose from these products which wows you with 15% off this monsoon! (Kama Ayurveda)

The arrival of monsoon brings the bliss of petrichor and nostalgia of romantic poetry. But your untameable hair and extraordinarily oily skin may not feel as beautiful as the humidity in the air reaches its peaks. However, this monsoon try something different. Resort to the ancient techniques and purity of Ayurveda. There are several top brands coming to your rescue like Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials, and so on to name a few. Best part? You get to enjoy huge discounts on your purchase too!å

So, what are you waiting for? Jump right in and explore the top Ayurveda products that will keep you company this monsoon without burning a hole in your pocket!

  1. Brigandi Intensive Hair Treatment | Kama Ayurveda


The excessive humidity of monsoon may affect your hair glory adversely prompting hair fall, hair breakage, scalp infections, etc. It is at this point that Bringandi Intensive Hair Treatment from Kama Ayurveda comes into action. This rich earthly oil with potent Ayurvedic herbs infused in pure Sesame oil is a wonderful combination that will protect your hair from facing any issues in the rainy season.

Top Benefits:

  • Nurture hair growth and shine
  • Relieves hair loss
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Acts as a Natural Hair Conditioner
  • Its antifungal properties helps in preventing scalp Infections
  • Calms senses, cools scalp and uplift mood

Beneficial Ayurvedic Ingredients: Gooseberry | Balloon Vine | Licorice | Sesame Oil | Milk | Indigo | Eclipta Alba

Price and Discounts: Users can purchase this Ayurvedic product from Kama Ayurveda for just Rs. 395 and avail free shipping and complimentary gifts such as a 50ml Hand Sanitizer, Himalayan Almond Scrub, and Hydrating Ayurvedic Face Cream (trial size). Amaaya Members can earn 15 points on the purchase too. 

     2. Relaxing Body Massage Oil Chandan & Camphor, Forest Essentials

This monsoon, pamper your dry and dull skin. Use this Relaxing Body massage oil formulated by Forest Essentials using traditional techniques which is known to firm, tone and soften the skin. A blend of a series of top Ayurvedic herbs and oils, the pure scent of sandalwood and camphor will surely relax and unwind your body and senses from all the stress.

Top Benefits:  

  • The blend of potent herbal extracts in cold pressed oils will nourish and tone the skin.
  • Deeply hydrates the skin
  • Regular use lends luminosity to the skin while leaving a light pleasant scent
  • Free from harmful chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals.
  • Its purifying, cooling, and clarifying fragrance will relax the mind.
  • Eliminates fine line and ageing properties from the skin.

Beneficial Ayurvedic Ingredients: Camphor | Sandalwood | Black Sesame Oil | Desi Ghee | Chandan | Unrefined Almond | Organic Avocado | Pure Ghee

Price and Discounts: Purchase a 200 ml bottle of this relaxing body massage oil from Forest Essentials for Rs. 1595 and enjoy free shipping. If it is your first order, you will become eligible to receive free sample face cleansers- Mashobra Honey, Lemon and Rose with your order.

        3. Rose Water Plain, Jiva Ayurveda

If you live with your grandparents, you would have heard them often bragging about the advantages of rose water. It is time that you appreciate their ancient wisdom. Rose water plain from Jiva Ayurveda serves as a multi-purpose natural toner for a cool and clear skin.

Top Benefits: 

  • Removes dirt from skin follicles
  • Restores the pH balance of the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Cools, freshen and deeply cleanse toxins from skin pores
  • Protects skin from heat, sun exposure and sweat damage
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces redness, rashes and soothes irritated skin.

Beneficial Ayurvedic Ingredients: Purest Essence of Rose Petals

Price and Discounts: The original price of this product is Rs. 130 but currently under the ongoing offer, users can avail a flat 15% off by applying the Jiva Ayurveda promo code.

      4. Nimrah Anti-Acne Face Pack, Kama Ayurveda


The monsoon season has a tendency to unleash the oil secreting glands in your skin which further attracts dust, dirt and other pollutants leading to irritated skin. This monsoon battle off any signs of acne, pimples, inflammation or swelling by using the Nimrah Anti-Acne Face Pack by Kama Ayurveda.

Top Benefits: 

  • Heals pimples and blackheads
  • Reduces scars and improves skin tone
  • Repairs inflammation and hyper-pigmentation
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Clarifies the skin texture and addresses seasonal breakouts
  • Non-foaming and non-drying
  • Very Effective as a spot treatment

 Beneficial Ayurvedic Ingredients: Vetiver | Ashwagandha | Coriander | Lodhra | Liquorice | Exotic Red Sandalwood

Price and Discounts: Nimrah Anti-Acne Fask mask is one of the best Ayurvedic products available on Kama Ayurveda for just Rs. 1150. If it is your first order, you can also enjoy free trials of face cleansers, body oils, face masks, etc. There is also free shipping and complimentary sanitizer.

       5. Ubtan Face and Body Scrub, WOW


Want beautiful, bright and radiant skin? No worries! Get the WOW Skin Ubtan Face and Body Scrub today. Made from natural ingredients known for their exfoliating and skin rejuvenating properties, this product alone will help you overcome all the summer damage and prepare you for monsoon upheaval.

Top Benefits: 

  • Exfoliates dead skin layer
  • Prevents fine lines and dryness
  • Brightens the complexion and soothes irritated skin
  • Enhances skin texture on regular use
  • Free from parabens, sulphates, and harmful chemicals
  • Moisturizes and protects skin from any environmental damage

Beneficial Ayurvedic Ingredients: Chickpea Flour | Sandalwood Oil | Almond Powder | Rose Water | Turmeric | Saffron extracts

Price and Discounts: Buy Ubtan Face and Body Scrub from WOW Skins for Rs. 399 only. Currently, there is an ongoing offer under which you can purchase this product at a flat 20% off.

    6. Neem Beauty Combo, Jiva Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, Neem is considered nothing short of a mirculour herb which is not only beneficial for skin or hair but for overall body health. It has been a true boon for health and wellness for centuries. If you have extremely sensitive skin, then this Neem beauty combo will be just perfect for your skin, hair and body care routine for this monsoon season.

Top Benefits: 

  • Prevents acne, pimples, and breakouts
  • Antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties
  • Cleanses scalp, prevents dandruff and infections
  • Natural antiseptic and moisturiser
  • Internal cleansing, cooling and refreshing
  • Hand sanitizer with natural neem bioactives
  • Keeps your skin healthy, glowing and infection-free

Beneficial Ayurvedic Ingredients: Fresh and tender Neem Leaves

Neem Beauty Combo Components: 4 Neem Soaps, 1 Neem Shampoo, 1 Neem Mud Pack, 1 Neem Face Wash

Price and Discounts: The Neem Beauty Combo was originally priced at Rs. 715 but under the ongoing sale, users can get it at a price of Rs. 599 only.

Ayurveda is one of the most safest and cruelty-free ways of keeping your skin healthy and glowing. This monsoon season keep your beauty weapons ready and fight off the infections, acne and pimple breakouts ferociously. Purchase any of the above-mentioned Ayurvedic products to refresh your skin and mind while enjoying huge savings!

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