Kullu Hospital Worker Arrested For Theft Of Remdesivir Vials

Manali: Police here on Monday arrested a hospital worker for allegedly having stolen 36 Remdesivir vials from a district government hospital.

On Sunday, the Kully regional government hospital had lodged a complaint with the police about the theft.

District police chief Gaurav Singh said, “One worker of hospital administration has been arrested in the case. The investigation is moving in the right direction.”

Police made the arrest after examining CCTV footage and are suspecting the involvement of the accused in the theft of Remdesivir vials as these life saving anti-viral drugs are in high demand for treating COVID-19 patients.

The accused has been remanded to police custody till 6th May.


With demand for Remdevisir, oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders having increased substantially in the country, the media has reports of black marketing of life-saving products taking place. 

The theft of Remdesivir from the Kullu hospital is being taken very seriously. Police are investigating whether more persons were involved in the crime and if these vials were to be black marketed.

Remdesivir is considered a key anti-viral drug in the fight against COVID-19. Several states across the country have asked for more supplies amid the record surge in COVID-19 infections.

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