CM, BJP Spreading Coronavirus In Himachal Says Congress

Dharamshala: A cabinet minister and ruling BJP leaders, with their staff, being recently found infected with Covid-19 has the opposition Congress party demand immediate holding of an assembly session to discuss the deteroiating situation in the collective fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

Lashing out at chief minister Jairam Thakur, leader of the oppositing Mukesh Agnihotri before the media questioned the recent visit of chief minister to Kangra district. “The head of the government is imparting knowledge to the state residents about adopting safety norms to fight Corona from Shimla, but he himself visited Kangra and now the government, ministers and officials are all confused,” said Agnihotri.

“The BJP government is spreading Coronavirus in the state,”said the opposition leader, adding, “when our party protested, cases are filed against Congress leaders, but where the Chief Minister and BJP leaders violate the rules and now as a result of their visit, a cabinet minister, BJP leaders and their staff have tested Covid-19.”

Opposition leader Mukesh Agnihotri with other congressmen interacting with media persons at Dharamshala today

The government has wasted a lot of money in holding virtual rallies during the epidemic and now is wasting it by laying foundation stones. BJPs claim about doing a lot to contain the spread of Corona is all false claims because the truth is that the government has put the people in danger, said Agnihotri.

He also questioned the fund raiser that the government had done in the name of fighting the pandemic. “There is no clear account about the money raised,” said Agnihotri.  “Some have simply plundered in the name of Corona whereas many hospitals are in a bad shape but the government has no idea about this. People are dying due to lack of treatment, who is responsible for it?”

The opposition leader expressed concern about the rising number of suicide cases. Agnihotri said, “since the Jai Ram Thakur government assumed office, over two and a half years ago, there have been about 2000 suicide cases in Himachal Pradesh. This year alone during the coronavirus pandemic so far there have been 475 suicides reported.”

Demanding convening of an assembly session, Agnihotri held that the Chief Minister and the Minister do not discuss these important matters. He questioned, “why is the government not revealing the truth behind resignation of Rajiv Bindal from the state BJP president position.”

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