Two Dead, Three Injured in Car Accident

Dharamshala: Two young persons died and three others have suffered serious injurious in a car accident that happened today near Patiyar, about 20 kms from here.

The five youngsters are believed to have been returning from a wedding at Dadh (Chamuda Devi Temple). Preliminary investigations by the police show that the car was was moving about in high speed when it collided with a road side construction site near Patiyar when they were going towards Malan.

District police superintendent  Vimukt Ranjan said that the collision was so severe that the engine metal in the car broke up and got mangled up. The car is badly damaged. Driver Vipin Kumar, a resident of Majhetli (Patiyar), died on the spot and Aneesh Kumar, a resident of  Hatwas, died during critical care treatment at Tanda Medical College.

All the injured were taken to the emergency care at Tanda Medical College from where one of them has been referred to PGI Chandigarh as he is in a critical condition. The police have registered a case and started investigation, said Rajan.

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