Expelled BJP Leader’s Allegations against OSD Prove Untrue After CCTV Footage Surfaces

In light of the allegations leveled by a female ex-BJP leader Asha Mahant against the OSD to Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Shishu Dharma, a new CCTV footage has surfaced on social media. The footage is from Sandhya Hotel, Bhuntar. The time stamp on the footage shows that it was recorded on 27.10.2017, before assembly elections last year.

The footage apparently shows then BJP office bearers Smt Asha Mahant, Smt Nina Rana, Smt Sita Rakha and Sh Sanjeev Kumar at reception area of Sandhya Palace, Bhuntar on 27.10.2017.

At the same hotel, the Congress candidate Sunder Thakur was also seen seconds after on 27.10.2017.

During Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections last year, BJP candidate Maheshwar Singh lost to Congress candidate Sunder Singh Thakur.

After the elections, the party expelled several party office bearers from Kullu, including Asha Mahant, apparently for anti-party activities.

Asha Mahant’s husband, Ashwani Mahant yesterday leveled allegations against OSD to CM, Shishu Dharma that latter made problematic remarks against Asha Mahant during a party meeting on 08 July, 2018 and insinuated that some “video” was going viral.

Now that the CCTV footage or the “video” has surfaced, it is anybody’s guess that the allegations against Shishu Dharma appear politically motivated.

Director at HMPL, a digital media services company, Kamal Thakur is a computer science & engineering grad from NIT Jalandhar. He is a writer, ecommerce analyst and content marketing expert. Kamal lives in the Himalayas

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