Climate Change Threat To Himachal Needs Serious Public Participation

Dharamshala : Gone are the days when Himachal was considered to be a safe and clean state climate wise as pollution and exploitation of the natural resources is on the rise here, the negative impact of which can be observed in fast receding snow-line and shrinking green cover.

Looking at the climatic change and it’s affects on human life a 3 days state level workshop for media was held in Dharamshala by Ministry of Environment, forest and climate change.

Miss Anu Anand, head advocacy of CMS (Centre of Media Studies) emphasised upon the role of media said, ”Today most of the people know about climate change, global warming and pollution and problems created by all these. Though everyone seems to be worried about changing climatic conditions but a very few people are aware of proper knowledge to handle or control the problem. Here role of media counts a lot as by disseminating scientific and required informations and knowledge  regarding the issue among public all media could be a great help tackling this menace.”

Ms Anu Anad, head advocacy of CMS, addressing media

A film regarding various problems are being faced by the farmers of Eastern Himalayas due to climate change was too screened on the occasion. ”Undoubtedly, today entire world is facing global warming resulting in serious consideration by all countries on the issue to save future generations from the worst effects of changing climatic conditions. That’s why the state government is too working seriously in this direction”, said DC Rana, special secretary cum director, department of Environment Science and Technology of Himachal Pradesh.

Rana said, ”Many problems such as extreme weather conditions like  cloudburst, floods, long dry spells, receding snow-lines have been emerged as major challenges nowadays. No doubt, every section of society is facing problems caused by imbalanced climatic conditions, but farmers are the worst hit community as unpredictable weather conditions due to climatic change is directly hitting their crops. Keeping it in mind, state government is spreading awareness about adaptation system among rural farmers through various mahila mandals and youth clubs. State government has been spending crores of rupees helping and making farmers aware about ‘adaptation’ which means new experiments in agriculture suits changed climatic conditions and resulting in good production of crops.”

Unscientific exploitation of nature is held responsible for all environment related problems. Continuously increasing emission of greenhouse gases, deforestation, melting glaciers, extreme weather events, human- wildlife conflict,  landslides, floods were discussed thoroughly and said to be more disastrous for state in future if proper steps are not taken soon.
Various aspects regarding issue were were discussed during on the occasion. Experts like Manu Moudgil, senior environment journalist, SC Atri, principal scientific officer, dept. of environment,  science and technology HP, Kirtiman, senior policy advisor GIZ were also present on the occasion and thrown light on the issue.

A theater artist, a script writer and a TV anchor, news is something that grips Renuka. She lives in Kullu.

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