Clay Pots Trending Over Branded Kitchenware

Craze for clay pots among people is clearly noticeable as crowd of customers at stalls of earthenware has become common
Kullu: Not lured by fancy stuff, and sticking to the ‘Old is Gold’ adage is what is ruling the market here if we look at the shopping choice of people. Purchasing clay pots, is on increase these days with revolution of health awareness among people.
Though the Spring festival (known as peepal mela in local dialect) is over on 30 April but temporary shops are still could be seen in Dhalpur ground where people across the district are thronging for shopping these days. But craze for clay pots among people is clearly noticeable as crowd of customers at stalls of earthenware has become common here.
Dr. K.K Verma (acupressure) from Haryana, who is coming here to sell mud pots for the last 4 years had a talk with Hill Post and said, ”I’ve seen a noticeable increase in trend of these pots among people as most of the customers are becoming health conscious and more varieties such as clay press cooker, cooking handi, water filter, tawa have been launched in market which are being popular among people. Most popular in this season has remained water filter, as around 900 filters from my stall have been sold so far, leaving it’s stock totally finished. There are many other such stalls too full of clay pot lovers. Craze for such pots is day by day increasing among customers. Being a doctor, I always recommend my patients to use mud pots for a healthy life as food cooked in such utensils always full of nutrients so these clay pots are proving golden health benefits to users.”
Aryan Narang, another shopkeeper from Chandigarh said that he had been coming here to sell earthen items for the last 10 years but the way people were getting fascinated by earthenware too I started selling kitchen items too as I used to sell only show pieces made of clay initially. No doubt people are returning back to their ancestors’ heritage and lifestyle. Around 700 water filters have bought by customers Within 20 days from my stall.”
Prem Chand and Narayan, two elderly customers appreciating earthenware said, ”These pots are capable enough to defeat modern and branded kitchenware. No doubt, latest branded utensils are more beautiful having eye catching and attractive designs but as far as health is concerned clay pots are best as merely 2% nutrients are lost in food, cooked in earthenware while on the other hand around 70-80% nutrients get lost in food cooked in metal utensils. Finally we all are realizing the true worth of our ancient living system.”
Krishna, a housewife from Kullu said that she had purchase many clay pots from the stalls installed at Dhalpur ground. These pots worked well if used carefully. She bought tawa, clay pressure cooker, water filter and cooking pan so far which really are proving to be beneficial. I specifically like water of clay water filter which is really cool and tastier than fridge water to drink in summers”.
Photos by Renuka Gautam

A theater artist, a script writer and a TV anchor, news is something that grips Renuka. She lives in Kullu.

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