Control over Monkey and Wild Life Menace will provide Employment

cm05.jpgShimla: A high level meeting under the chairmanship of Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal was held here today to look over the menace created by the monkeys and wild life in the state. He said the State Government would be initiating steps on war footing to tackle this problem and save the farmland from converting into wasteland besides crops being cultivated by the farmers in other areas.

He said that the action was taken after receieving many complaints from the farmers and the state government would be initiating various steps, including lazer sterilization of the monkeys on war footing. He further said that the affected districts would be identified and local youth will be involved in the process, who will be provided training in capturing and sterilization by the experts to assist them in execution of the project. He said that all such trained unemployed youth will be eligible to get remunerations and engaged as contractors to achieve the objective. He said that the project would benefit the farmers and the unemployed youth both besides the objective of saving the precious farmland of the people.

He also said that funds would not be any constraint in execution of the project and possibilities to be explored to procure the Government of India funds under similar projects to give boost to the programme in the state. Efforts would also be made to expand the capacity of the existing zoos to accommodate caught wild animals so that their population in the natural habitat was controlled.

He directed the Wild Life Department and Forest Department to draw a plan to create natural habitat to the wild life by planting the species of natural feed trees which could meet the natural food requirements of the flora and fauna existing in the state.

Further he emphasized upon the requirement of massive plantation in the state to increase the forest cover as well as provide natural habitat to the wild animals moreover, measure will be taken to engage local unemployed youth in creation of natural habitat in order to give an opportunity to be employed or self-employed persons. He said that an effort would be made to create all such facilities atleast at one place in every district.

Dhumal directed the authorities to implement the programme as soon as possible and asserted that quarterly reports will be required to be submitted to the government by every executing agency and if needed intermittent reports would also be called for in selected cases.

He also insisted upon the need of enumerating the stray animal and tagging them to ascertain their identity and would try in associating NGOs and unemployed youth with the programme of constructing more gau-sadans at the places with high concentration of the stray animals. He further appealed to the people not to let their domestic animals be astray and help the state in achieving its objective in the society.

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  1. […]A NORTHERN Indian state says it will train unemployed youths to sterilise monkeys in a drive to check the population of simians blamed for large-scale crop destruction.

    The youth will be trained to capture and sterilise thousands of monkeys in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, its government said in a statement.

    The sterilisation drive would take place on a “war footing” to provide relief to farmers, some of whom have abandoned their land after the animals destroyed crops, the government said.

    Last year, thousands of farmers gathered outside the state parliament demanding action.

    There are more than 300,000 monkeys in the state, according to government figures.[…]

    Rampaging monkeys have sparked concern in other Indian states too.

    In October, the deputy mayor of Indian capital New Delhi died after falling from a balcony as he tried to chase monkeys away.

    Wildlife experts say monkeys come into conflict with humans when their natural habitat in forests is destroyed.

    India’s Hindus revere the animals as an incarnation of monkey god Hanuman.

  2. […] Himachal Pradesh in the north said it would use unemployed youths to capture and sterilize monkeys that have been raiding farms and attacking people. The idea, which would involve “laser sterilization,” drew quick condemnation from conservationists. “It will do nothing to contain the problem and probably make it worse,” said one, Sujoy Chaudhuri. “Can you imagine what having badly sterilized monkeys running around will do to the levels of aggression?”[…]

  3. says: MSNBC

    […]India adopts ‘war footing’ on monkey menace
    State plans to train unemployed youths to sterilize aggressive primates

    NEW DELHI – A north Indian state unveiled plans Thursday to train unemployed youths to sterilize thousands of wild monkeys with lasers in a bid to combat the aggressive primates who have been attacking people and raiding farms.

    The proposal, which drew immediate condemnation from environmentalists, has underscored the desperation of Indian authorities trying to modernize the country amid an economic boom, while contending with the thousands of wild monkeys, stray dogs, sacred cows and assorted wildlife that roam the streets of India.[…]

    Monkeys have proved to be particularly problematic.[…]

  4. says: USA Today

    […]ndian state’s solution to monkey menace involves ‘laser sterilization,’ unemployed youth

    We have some bad news for the thousands of wild monkeys who have been wreaking havoc in Himachal Pradesh, India. The mountainous state says it plans to train young people to perform “laser sterilization” on the animals.

  5. says: sameer rastogi

    The item has been incorrectly interpreted by some of the readers. Two Hi tech Monkey sterilization Centers (MSC) are being constructed at Hamirpur and Gopalpur. The unemployed youth have been tarined to catch wild monkeys with minimum stress levels being caused to them . Laser sterilization will be conducted my qualified Vets and not by locally trained youth. sameer rastogi,CF wildlife Dharamshala

  6. says: venkatesh hegde

    It is very interesting to know that the menace by wild animals is appreciated and being tackled.The monotonous social foretry needs a relook for reasons that these have come up in place of of rain forests all over the country.Secondly the population of these animals increased in disproportion to the food chain in nature.All the state Govts must put in their efforts to control the same.In the beginning we may not have the support of the environmental group.Here comes “man first then the animals”which eat and destroy the food of human beings.

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