IIT Mandi Showcases Cutting Edge Tech To Himachal, Jammu & Kashmir School Students

Mandi: High school students from Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh completed a two week Science and Technology Program (STEP) here at the IIT Mandi campus where they were exposed to new technologies related to nano materials, 3-D printing, electron microscopy and about working of drones.

In all there were 31 students of which 4 were from the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Students from the districts of Bilaspur, Chamba, Kinnaur, Kullu, Mandi, and Una districts in Himachal Pradesh and Samba district of Jammu & Kashmir were selected on the basis of their Class 10 Board results for STEP program at the IIT campus. All the students are pursuing the science stream at the Plus 2 and are in Class 11.

HP, J&K School Students at IIT Mandi campus

The program’s aim is for the students to experience the many fascinating areas open to those who intend to pursue advanced studies in Science & Technology. The exposure was to not only motivate the bright students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Science & Technology but to also go for advanced studies to tackle the problems facing the country and the world.

The students had interactive sessions with over 40 faculty members of IIT Mandi and with over 20 Ph.D. research scholars from a wide range of disciplines, Prof. Bhavender Paul coordinator of the program disclosed.

The students gained basic skills such as communication and presentations, computers and e-mail, career planning; learned in depth about civil, electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering, biosciences, computer-aided design, astronomy; and explored areas such as sensors, signal processing and instrumentation, photovoltaic and other renewable energy technologies, potential for medicines from medicinal plants.

A substantial portion of their time was in the IIT Mandi laboratories where they learned about 3-D printing, nano materials, superconductivity, and electron microscopy. The students even had a chance to experience the operation of a drone

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