Manali Hosts International Artists Camp

Artist give vent to their creativity

Manali: Creative Campus International Art Association  (CCIAA) has organized a 5 day long International Art Camp here that opened on 3rd and closes on 7th March.

Raj Nandini organiser of the camp who is art director CCIAA Mumbai said, “the concept of organizing artists’ camps is to bring together different artists at one place and facilitate their interaction with each other.

“The artists get an opportunity to intermingle with foreign artists, exchange skills, share career and life experiences in an open atmosphere of the art camp,” said Nandini.

She added that generally artists work alone in their own studios and genuine curiosity exists about how artists express their creativity and feelings in the various mediums and to create awareness about art techniques of artists, “We provide a global platform to participants and facilitate art as well as international networking through such concepts”.

Mr. Jignesh Patel Founder & President of CCIAA) while speaking to Hill Post said that the paintings painted in the art camp are the property of CCIAA and they will be used for sponsoring young children and disabled people.

Manali is bequeathed with mesmerizing scenery, lush greenery and miraculous flora and fauna surrounded by elegant pine and cedar trees which add glisters to the landscape, beauty and tranquility of the place that gives great relaxation to a human’s mind. The bubbling sounds of water amongst the serene silence of the place feel like music to our ears, it gives a new feeling and joy,” is how Patel expressed his experience in being here.

In all 16 artists from India and overseas are participating in the camp. Those attending the camp include Natlliy Bohushevich from Europe, Jullia Zhevnik from Poland, Maria Remenets from Russia, Jignesh Patel from London, Ashok Khant & Vipul Rawal from Gujarat, Ramesh Pachpande, Nand Kishore Sharma,  Mukesh Sharma from Rajasthan, Nilesh Vede & Mahesh Karambele from Mumbai, S. Appala Raju from Visakhapatnam, Nilesh Bharti from Nasik, Vaishanvi Naik from Pune and Vidya Sundar from Chennai.

Photos by Sanjay Dutta

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  1. says: Veena Lokapur

    The idea of uniting all talented different artists but of different community from all over world is just AMAZING. Sharing own views with all must be a very gd experience for all. I wish u all Best Luck in their own artistic fields…. veena

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