Himachal Administrative Tribunal Disposes 8882 Cases

There were over 21 thousand government employment related cased before HP Tribunal which settled 42% of them in 2 years

Shimla: Of the 21,004 government service class cases that came up before the Himachal Pradesh Administrative Tribunal in the last two year, as many as 8882 had been disposed of, a spokesman of the tribunal stated in a communique.

The total cases included 14,606 fresh applications and another batch of 6398 which were transferred by HP High Court in February 2015, after the tribunal was revived again.

The cases settled included 7853 fresh cases and 1029 of the cases that were transferred by the High Court, stated the spokesman.

He added that 167 Contempt Petitions, 12 Review Petitions, 9 Ex. Petitions and 4160 miscellaneous applications were among those disposed off.

He said the tribunal had decided to take up the oldest matters that were pending before the year  2009 on a priority basis for which Division Benches would sit on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to clear the pendency.

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