Himachal CM Lauds High Currency Demonetization Decision


Mandi: Chief Minister Mr Virbhadra Singh has welcomed the decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to demonetize the  ?500 and ?1000 currency notes.

“It is a bold step taken. I hail this bold decision as the step taken will curb the menace of black money and help the fight against corruption,” said Virbhadra.

Virbhadra Singh talking to reporters at his official residence Oak Over
File Photo: Virbhadra Singh 

“However sudden the decision of the Prime Minister, it is a step taken in haste,” he added.

Talking to the media at Mandi, he added that the necessary arrangements and steps before demonetization of currency notes should be ensured to safeguard the interest of farmers, small traders, shopkeepers and daily wagers and all those who have hard-earned money in hand. The instant decision has come as a setback to those who have marriages going on, for the farmers and marginal traders who who are in immediate need of money.


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