Himachal Diaspora In Canada Float Cultural Platform

"The basic tenet of the HimCan is to connect all Himachali families, celebrate our culture, enliven the diaspora, share the happiness and stand together in hard times"

To preserve a way of life rooted in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, to instil an awareness about the roots that the younger generations know little about as well as to connect all families of Himachali origin who are settled in Canada, the diaspora have come together to launch HimCan, a cultural and welfare not for profit organisation.

President elect Dalip Kumar let Hill Post know, “the basic tenet of the HimCan is to connect all Himachali families, celebrate our culture, enliven the diaspora,  share the happiness and stand together in hard times. HimCan would also reflect and consistently highlight and honour the contribution of Himachalis to Canada.”


Press secretary Rajinder Pal said, “we are highly indebted  and welcome all the families and remember these Himachalis families are our dignitaries and patrons for fostering the Himachali  diaspora.”

“Growth of HimCan is commendable. In a short time, many of the families have come together to make HimCan a versatile association,” said Mona Sharma, secretary arts and culture.

General secretary Sanjeev S Thakur said, “At the outset we emphasize that HimCan is a absolutely a non-profit and purely a cultural and welfare platform and has no direct or indirect political motives or intentions.

After holding a formal meeting on 30th September, a working executive was constituted at the second meeting that was held on 4th October, 2016.

The organisation has already started a Facebook page and a WhatsApp group. “A web page would be up very soon,” said Pawan Kumar, secretary.

Events coordinator Arun Chauhan announced that the first event that HimCan would celebrate as an organisation would be  Diwali on 12th November.

“The Himachali Night event on 12th November would be celebrated at Parivar Banquet Hall, 237, Advance Blvd, Mississauga, Ontario. The festivities would be marked with Pahari music, Naati and Himachali cuisine” said Chauhan.

Members of the executive body of HimCan are:

President : Dalip Kumar, +1 416 459 1558

Vice President: Ranvir Singh Dogra +1 416 671 7653

General Secretary/Advisor: Sanjeev S Thakur +1 416 535 2400

Secretary/Treasurer: Aashutosh Kalia +1 416 844 4201

Secretary Events/ Events Coordinator: Arun Chauhan +1 647 890 0547

Secretary/Media & Press: Rajinder Pal Singh/Pawan Kumar +1 416 844 5725

Secretary/Arts & Culture: Mona Sharma/Abhishek Thakur +1 416 508 7199

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