Child Swapping At Shimla Govt Maternity Hospital – A Twist To The Tale

Shimla: Suddenly the government run Kamla Nehru Hospital (KNH) at Shimla, the largest maternity centre of the state, has earned the dubious distinction of practicing child swapping alongside conducting deliveries.

Perhaps no one could have suspected the credibility of the hospital in the state capital for indulging in the heinous crime of swapping a new born child until suspecting parents of the child proved it otherwise through a DNA test.

The aggrieved parents Sheetal and Anil Kumar having lost all hopes from the authorities finally had to first seek police aid and then legal intervention of High Court of Himachal Pradesh.

The DNA tests of the other couple Anjana and Jitender didn’t match with the male child given to them but matched with the female child reportedly handed over to the aggrieved couple Sheetal and Anil Kumar by the hospital authorities.

Born on 26th May 2016, the two children will finally be united with their biological parents after four months on 26th October 2016. Nitansh, the male child, will go to Sheetal and Anil Kumar while the girl child, Amanat to Anjana and Jitender.

One can wonder whether Sheetal and Anil Kumar named her so as they were rearing her up as someone’s Amanat?

Sheetal (left) & Anjana outside the Himachal Court
Sheetal (left) & Anjana outside the Himachal Pradesh High Court

After the court intervention, the two couples had amicably decided to exchange the babies after certain religious ceremonies on 26th October in the presence of Police in the court of justice.

The big question is whether such human errors or intentional practices had been going on earlier too? Was the nursing staff lured into playing the game against money as is often practiced in many a maternity homes in other parts of India?

Wonder if many other suspecting couples follow suit and discover that the teenage child being brought up by them was not theirs. Suspicions may creep in somewhere especially in the case of girl children in the minds of grand mothers, if not mothers.

Was it a matter of fate or design orchestrated by the hospital staff ?

The fate accompli however turns out that two children were to be reared and breastfed by two mothers? And imagine the love and affection the two parents have developed with the children during the four months period. Wonder how the aggrieved parents must have brought up the girl child who was not theirs in the hope that one day their real child will be restored to them.

And imagine how the other parents having been rejoicing the birth of a male child must have been fearing everyday that the child Nitansh they were feeding would be handed over to his real parents one day ? All the ceremonies of the child birth had been completed and they had even been named and celebrations conducted.

Would the names given to them e acceptable to the new parents or they will rename them ?

Imagine as the children grow young how they would relate the mysterious tale of their swapping and having been brought up by two sets of parents in their infancy?

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