Young Poets Meet To Launch Literary Movement In Shimla

IMG-20160724-WA0007Shimla: Evoking their muse, a score of young poets expressing their aspirations and the churning of the times, met over a Sunday afternoon to hold the first ‘Kavitactic’, an event that brings together poets in the region.

Shubhangi Thakur, one of the organisers of the event in the city disclosed, “in all there were 20 poets who participated in the event, which included 15 from Shimla and 5 from Chandigarh.”

Budding poets
Budding poets

Founded by Prerit Rajput and Gursaya Grewal, the event was launched at Chandigarh in September 2015 and in 10 months has brought together over 70 poets.



“With the aim of reaching out to as many poets as we can and creating platforms for them, we have brought Kavitactic to Shimla,” say Prerit Rajput.


Held at Cafe Simla, Gursaya Grewal adds, “the event has brought together the poets of Shimla and laid the foundation of a community that is here to start a literary movement. Kavitactic strives to create a niche for the poets of a city while paving a path for them.”

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