A Response to Mr Avay Shukla’s “Smart phones, Dumb Users”

One place where we’re headed.......

Brilliant! Jab, hook, upper cut, all delivered through quick, dancing wit; the Dumb Users neatly and digitally knocked out (till their batteries get charged again?).  One place where we’re headed:

Mobile Addicts

A more practical approach though is well illustrated below!

Mobile Freedom

Welcome as Mr Javadekar’s belated exit from MoEF&CC is, it has been the experience that (save a few exceptions), ministers in Paryavaran Bhavan do the bidding of PMO where one assumes the real deals on forest and environmental clearances are cut amid cuts. No, this is not censorship!  We can leave the rest to the imagination of the discerning public.

I am fully with Kabir M on his valid fears of ‘God where have they sent him’!  I hear there is no Indian University in the top 250 in the world. And if Mr Javadekar is mandated to complete the ‘revision’ of what impressionable young minds ought to be learning in order to take us back to the ‘Golden Age’, then we do have some chance!

But going by the putative calibre of those appointed to several Institutes of National Importance, Mr Raghuram’s observation may be quite apt for the new HRD Minister, “Aandhon mein Kaana Raaja”!

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  1. says: Avay Shukla

    Many thanks, Nodnat, for putting apt illustrations to my piece. As they say, a cartoon is worth a thousand words!

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