Boom Shiv Shankar – A soulful Shiva song (Music Video)

A tribute to the Shiva cult

Pankaj Badra, the pahari boy who has worked with famous bands that include the Mumbai Swaang Band and the Himachali Laman Band has released his first solo video, “Boom Shiv Shankar” a tribute to Lord Shiva and his devotees.

Talented Pankaj is an actor, music composer, songwriter and guitarist from Himachal Pradesh. He is from Sarkaghat, Mandi but has spent most of his childhood and adult life in Shimla. Rooted in the culture of the land, he loves to travel, composing music along the way.


“Strong urges have me determined in exploring Indian folk music and driving it to attain an international appeal,” he says. “I want to reach out to old folk musicians and singers in Himachal who are still alive. As an actor and performer I want to touch every life I meet and create value.”

“Boom Shiv Boom” is a soulful song, written, composed and sung by Pankaj, The music was produced by Ajay B from Australia with sound mixing done by Brenden Cooper.

Shot in the ancient temples of Uttarakhand the video is produced by Manwar Rana of Cocktail Films. DOP Pauly is at his best in capturing the awe inspiring shots.

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