Poly house crops boosting Kullu farmers livelihoods

Kullu: Caught up in a cycle of global warming and frequently changing weather conditions with decreasing cultivable land has made farming and agriculture very challenging to take to for earning a livelihood and as the main source of income to run a household.

But not so for Jai Ram and Dhani Ram, both farmers in Kullu valleye who have adopted modern farming techniques to ensure good productivity, earn a good income and remain self employed in agriculture.

Jai Ram of village Kalehali

Sharing his experience Jai Ram from Kalehli village near Bhuntar says, “if one goes with proper planning then definitely there is no dearth of money in farming. Knowledge about government schemes and the incentives provided is an advantage when engaged in work.”

Having set up poly houses after availing of a government scheme, he says, “Besides traditional farming, I’m growing nurseries under controlled conditions in these poly houses. Selling saplings always earns me a good income and is very profitable.”

2 Jai Ram of village Kalehali

Dhani Ram says that controlled agriculture in poly house cultivation has changed his outlook towards agriculture, an occupation that the family has practiced for generations. “Initially I had serious doubts but now I earn more than Rs 2 lakhs just from the crops and nurseries grown under poly house conditions.”

“Agriculture does involve hard work and I have been advising young people to adopt modern techniques for a sustainable and a self employment opportunity that the government is also supporting,” said Dhani Ram.

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