Rain losses mount in Kangra valley

Dharamshala: Heavy rains that continue to pound the hills are leaving behind a trail of destruction, with Kangra reporting losses of over Rs 48 crore so far, mainly to public infrastructure, which include roads and water supply schemes.

Kangra damage

Kangra district magistrate Ritesh Chouhan has put the loss to public works department that overlooks the states road network at Rs 22 crore in Kangra valley. Irrigation and public health department responsible for water supply has suffered a loss of Rs 23 crore in the district.

Near Kangra

Besides these damages, the district has also registered a loss of Rs 2.85 crore to government and private properties. ‘Damage reports are still being reported and the department is to tabulate all the losses,” said Ritesh.

Paror Panaper Dheera road closed due to damaged bridge at Gaggal
Paror Panaper Dheera road closed due to damaged bridge at Gaggal

He disclosed, “We have recorded that 111 domestic animals died because of drowning 4 Pucca houses collapsed completely, 61 have been badly damaged, 7 Kuccha houses have collapsed and 120 others suffered extensive damage. Rain has also washed away 102 animal sheds and damaged 13 shops in the district.”

Ritesh said that the administration had so far released 1.50 crore as interim help the rain affected people.

The district magistrate stated that excess water from Pong Dam on River Beas was being released but it was not leading to any flood like situation in the district or the adjoining areas of Punjab.

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