Poaching gang busted – more arrests, more leopards skins recovered

Shimla: A growing leopard population is attracting poachers as the police in Bilaspur has stumbled upon recovering more leopard skins and arresting three more persons besides the two who were caught three days ago with 4 leopard skins.

“Investigations reveal that the 4 leopard skins were to be sold for around Rs 70 lakhs in the Indian market and in the international market the prices could touch crores,” Rohit Malpani, an IPS officer associated with the investigation let Hill Post know.

More leopard skins recovered
More leopard skins recovered

A random checking at a temporary police barrier, 3 days ago (3rd Feb, 2015) in Bilaspur, the police personal had nabbed two residents from Una, who were riding a scooter and were carrying the skins in a plastic bag.

Detained by the police and on questioning, links of an organized operation are emerging as on 4th February, police raided a Baba’s premises in Una and recovered an old and worn out leopard skin. The Baba has been arrested under Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and was remanded into one weeks police remand after he was produced in court.

The four leopard skins recovered on 3rd Feb, 2015

Following leads emerging from the investigation, yesterday police arrested two more persons in the early hours and recovered the skin of a leopard cub. The two were produced before a judge today and the court has handed down a four day police remand.

“With the new arrests made (the police are withholding the names for investigation purposes) it is expected that full network of smugglers and poachers active in the surrounding areas may be unearthed soon. Raids will continue in the coming days and few more arrests are expected,” said Rohit Malpani.

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