Kullu health workers geared up to deal with H1N1 virus

Kullu: Alarmed by H1N1 breakouts reported from other parts of the country, the district administration here has issued guidelines to all health workers about how to deal with the deadly swine flu.

Important kits including tamiflue tablets,  used to treat H1N1 virus have also been distributed to block level health officers, health authorities here stated.swine flu

Chief medical officer of the district Dr Baldev Sharma let Hill Post know,“though there is no case of swine flu reported so far but district health department is fully equipped and prepared to deal with the situation. A drive has been launched and important kits containing tamiflue tablets to treat the virus have been distributed at block level health centres. Important guidelines have also been issued to all health officers in case any suspected H1N1 patient is found anywhere in district. People don’t have to be scared now but they should be alert and visit the doctors immediately after noticing any suspicious symptoms of bad health.”

Symptoms of  high fever, no positive results of treatment,  difficulty in breathing with chest pain need immediate attention. On noticing such symptoms people should go to doctors without any delay to get treated properly, said Dr Sharma.

A suspicious case surfacing in Manali Mission hospital had caused a scare in the valley and the  patient was referred to PGI Chandigarh. With the suspect being cleared of the deadly as the reports were negative, the health authorities here heaved a  sigh of relief.

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