Coffee house Gup Shup: AAP and Delhi Elections

Falling snowflakes outside makes the steaming cup of coffee that much dearer as cold weathers settles into Shimla. Coziness of the gas fired heating system gets our group of five to betting on AAP re-run for the Delhi assembly, where elections have been announced for 7th February.

BJP is going to chase the target with that much zeal with which it missed out in Jammu & Kashmir polls, said the saffron sympathizer. The party has gone a little overboard after its winning spree and it failed to stitch together a pre-poll or post-poll alliance with PDP or National Conference to form a government in the state, he lamented.

Our Sirdy friend, who has relatives in Delhi backed the BJP backer. “Refreshing the public memory about the 1984 riots is going to pay dividends. But the Ghar Wapsi is a spoilsport issue,” said the Sardar, sounding like a serious political analyst.Arvind AAP

Taking the last sip of his first cup and before placing a repeat order, the comrade in the group shot out, “what’s the big deal with Delhi elections? After all the hue and cry of electoral battle, it’s only a lame government that comes to power. Like the Kejriwal run riot government learnt, without your writ controlling the police, what kind of governance can you deliver?”

The saffron head countered, “It’s the right opportunity to give a quiet burial to these anarchist AAP hot head guys. Whoever heard a chief minister turning a street fighter in this country? If we have to have peace in the capital, the Delhi government and Modi Sarkar need to be in sync,” he opined.

Enough provocation to flare up red anger, the lefty turned right to confront saffron supporter and in the process almost spilled the new cup of coffee the house bearer dressed in colonial style attire had served up.

“Arvind Kejriwal is still the best choice for being elected as Delhi Chief Minister,” he thundered.  “The 49 days government of AK 47 is still being talked about where a serious attempt was made to pass the democratic dividend to the weak, the down trodden. Modi Sarakar in over six months, in comparison, has been more gas and less substance,” he lashed at his opponent.

The congress supporter watched the two slug it out before he meekly pitched in, “At yesterdays party meeting Madam Sonia and Rahul Gandhi called a spade a spade by pointing out how senior party leaders had let down the party. Like the Jammu & Kashmir election result, Congress is on the comeback trail and the balance of power in Delhi elections will also rest with us.”

The snowflakes outside had piled up and as chatting space in the coffee house comes by cheap, the discussion remained inconclusive and I ordered for another round of coffee to soothe heated tempers.

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