This Robotic Hand truck is a boon for station workers

Robotic Helper Climbs Stairs in Shinjuku Station

Train stations have come a long way and have developed into high tech junctions of smooth operations. They are today dotted with little or no smoking areas, newspaper stands for people waiting for their train and ramps and accelerators. When you visit the Shinjuku train junction in Tokyo, the massive network of ramps, accelerators and elevators first overwhelms you.

There are a large number of platforms that are barred for citizens in wheeled chairs and for those who are unable to negotiate stairs. A closer observation will reveal that only a small fraction of the public transportation allows free access to all and sundry.

The location of the elevators is not ideal for the elderly and the disabled. So they don’t even bother to look for them. The Shinjuku station sees a people movement of almost 3.5 million people per day.

The station workers face the brunt for the lack of designs, the most. The Robotic Work around is a blessing in disguise for the hard working labour force, when they need to carry heavy boxes and other equipment up the flight of stairs. The Robotic Workaround is a hand truck that is semi robotic.

If you look closely you will see that the chassis resembles the one that was seen in iRobot and Packbot. The USP of this utility is the fact that it is capable of shifting the load according to the center of gravity and enabling the worker to bear the laod at the most comfortable angle.

Most modern day inventions choose to ignore the workforce that works at the lowest rung of the ladder, but the Robotic Hand Truck promises to make their life easy and increase their efficiency by sharing their load.

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