Leggae – the laptop case cum personal masseur when you travel long distance

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If you thought that laptop sleeves and cases have no personality then sit up and read on. Leggae – The laptop case that we are talking about today actually offers you a foot massage when you travel long distance.

This innovative design offers comfort to travelers who are on the go most of the time. The exterior surface of the case offers its owners a chance to massage their feet. The designers took two years to bring it together and it is now available in the market for all. The common side effect of long distance travel is tired and swollen legs due to lack of activity. But, when you exercise your feet and legs on the Leggae, the blood circulation will increase and a wave of relaxation will sweep over you.

Foot-Massaging Laptop Bag_2

Although the patent for this new age innovative design is pending, it sure looks to be a big hit. The ridged exteriors at a flexible low and high angle with the surface, allow the traveler up to 8 different positions for massaging. Check out the video to see how it works.

And don’t worry about your laptop getting damaged, as the hard outer shell is made out of a tough polycarbonate that ensures that your laptop does not feel a thing. The Leggae also gives you storage space in the form of additional pockets to carry important data, passport, headphones and other essential accessories.

Once you arrive at your destination just carry the Leggae with its leather padded handles or over your shoulder comfortably with the ergonomic shoulder straps.

A personal massager at thirty thousand feet while sitting in economy, priced at just $80, is not a huge price to pay. Stretch your legs in style now.

Via: Gizmodo

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