Top Gear coffee table with an engine from Mercedes-Benz to impress your guests

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This table designed in an art for decoration style is sure to become the focal point of your living room. This Coffee Table from Top Gear, is designed for those who like to be different and loud. It can be used as a chic coffee table or even as rack for TV. It will look perfect in a family room, bedroom, home office or a games room.

The table has a base of an actual engine head of a Mercedes-Benz S-type 1983 280SE. And no it does not reek of oil and stuff. It has actually been cleaned and painted before being offered for art connoisseurs on eBay.

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The top on the engine is made of hardened top quality oval glass. The dimensions of the glass are 60cm wide, 110cm long and 1 cm thick. The glass top sits on a facet frame that is connected to the 4 valves in the crankshaft holders. It is bonded with the help of transparent glue for glass, which prevents it from every being pulled off.

What raises the excitement level by two notches, are the strips of LED in white and red that glow when plugged in. Just supply it with 12V and watch the cooling effect of white and the intensity of red come alive. The inbuilt mirror successfully reflects this dance of the colors making it a spectacle to watch.

The engine is a testimony to the places it might have travelled to when in the car. But now rests prim and proper as a gorgeous piece of furniture.

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Source: Ebay

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