The Decahedron fire pit to make the outdoors even more delightful

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The fire pit from Decaherdron Maximus is sure to become the focal point of everybody’s attention, once you install it in the outdoors. This contemporary design of ten pentagonal sections is sure to attract those of you who fancy the al fresco lifestyle.

It comes with four height adjusters and a porcelain grill that can be removed. There are air vents at the periphery to ensure there is even cooking and no overheating. The cleaning has been simplified with a removable grate for discarding the ash that will accumulate.

Don’t be fooled by the rustic look, the fire pit has been developed by CAD. For those of you with an artistic bent the upper panels can be personalized with artwork. All fears about the durability of the product can be put to rest as it is made with the highest grade of 4mm steel plates.

The fire pit will rust over time and that is intended by the designers in order to give it a genuine rustic appearance. If you want to make the oxidization look even, just rub the surface lightly with a scouring pad, once a week.

The Decaherdron Maximus can be used as a fire pit or as a grill for barbequing, with the help of the removable grill. The diameter of this fire pit is 61 cms and it stands tall at 75cm. It weighs around 62 kgs and gives you a grill space of 41.5cm x 30.5cm.

This handcrafted spherical fire pit with removable grill is priced at $750. It defiantly adds aesthetic value to the outdoors, besides being multifunctional.

Even today sitting around a warm fire with your loved ones and family beats any other idea of spending quality time together.

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Source: Uncrate / Etsy


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