Play rock-paper-scissors with Poochi the robot dog

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Japan and robots go hand in hand. Most of us eagerly await the next new machine on the block from Ninetdo. Poochi is an enhanced version of the pet series that has been around for many years. This latest version of Poochi interacts with the user with the help of an App, designed for mini-games by 3D Nintendo’s.

This pet series are a hit with people who can’t keep a live one. These blue and pink puppies talk to the user using a 3DSes wireless technology, which can translate barks and yips into Japanese. It can even play a game of rock-paper-scissors with the user and entertain him by singing. Mind you the singing is the robot type.

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Since it has an inbuilt 3DS connection, the Poochi can also be used to play many other mini games, on the Nintendogs-ish interaction screen. That can be a little bewildering for some as some of us wont like to play games on their pet, literally. It has sensors on its tail, nose and back. And the colors on the face will indicate the mood it is in. The new and latest Poochi is in the stores and is priced at 6,000 yen or $58.

Nintendo has always been associated with peripherals that break all notions. This one actually takes the pet experience a level high as the Poochi will sing, have mood swings and even entertain you.

The AIBO, The Zoomer and the orginal Poo-Chi stand no chance infront of this Poochi. It is a great learning experience for children above 6 years of age. Remember it works with Nintendo 3DS LL, Nintendo 3DS. It a great robotic toy for kids who are not told enough to handle the real thing.

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Source : Nintendo

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