Pecera the washing machine with robotic fishes to do your laundry

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For those of you, who have been to a fish spa, will agree with me totally on the cleanliness of your feet once the doctor fish, finish digging out the dead cells. Korean designer Chan Yeop Jeong, has tried to create a washing machine with robotic fish, to clean your clothes without a detergent.

His swimming robots are called ‘Dofi’ since they derive inspiration from the extremely hardworking doctor fish. Like the fish the Dofi are enabled to detect any dirt with the help of an inbuilt camera. They ensure every garment is clean by sucking out the dirt from it.

Consumers with sensitive skin stand to benefit form it tremendously, as the cleaning process no longer requires any detergent, whatsoever. The Pecera will also help in conserving water that is used for laundry in the households, as  the cleaning cycle only requires a single layer of it.

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Chan Yeop Jeong has submitted Pecera as his entry for the Design Lab, an annual competition that is organized by Electorlux, annually. Students like him use this platform to show off their unique ideas for households gadgets for the future.

And those of you who are wondering about whether your clothes will get dry or not, the Pecera can be divided into two layers , the first that takes care of the nibbling and the second that transfers the clothes to be spin drier.

And that’s not all, the Dofi are also trained to purify the water so that it can be recycled. Your clothes will heave a sigh of relief as the risk of damage will now be lowered to a bare minimum and the quality of cleaning top class.

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There is a liquid jelly with an alkaline base inside each Dofi that is capable of breaking down the dirt molecules and absorbing them subsequently. This hydroelectric power enabled robotic fishes start working on the dirt the moment the jelly touches the fabric.

Your clothes look as good as new and there is no discoloration of the fibers. Over the years Electrolux has managed to raise the bar when it comes to consumer household good. The Pecera will surely cut a niche for itself in the consumer market, once it is launched.

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Source:Electrolux Design Lab

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