Go Vocca Light – to eliminate your getting out of bed woes

Vocca Light Switch

Creative geniuses at Kickstarter are determined to make life simpler and easier for all of us. Vocca, is a bulb adapter that can give a makeover to your light bulb. From a lame duck it can become a voice activated one.

So why would we need a voice activated light? Firstly, you don’t need any WI-FI for it, no intricate set ups and no installation whatsoever. Secondly, it makes the fight of who will get up to switch off the light, a thing of the past. Just say the magic words – Go Vocca Light .

Some might argue about the need for a smart adapter when you already have smart lights in the market. Well let us enlighten you that even the coolest Smartphone has proven to be impractical in comparison to the old trusted switches. The most impressive and effective interface between lights and humans is the word of mouth.

Vocaa promises to cut short the ordeal of looking for the App to switch on or off the light. Just utter the command and it will happen. The Vocca adapter uses Bluetooth LE technology in order to connect an App to the device of the user. The Vocca is screwed into the original socket of the bulb. It has an inbuilt Bluetooth chip and a microphone.

Just set the trigger for commands for switching off or on the lights, and you are all set. This Kickstarter campaign is in the process of adding more features to voice control section. Control over the amount of light, setting of timers and default setting according sleep and wake up times. The company hopes to start production in October 14, once it manages to collect the funding it needs.

Do not forget that the ability and design of Vocca can easily be compared to smart bulbs from Lifx and Philips. Let’s end the argument by agreeing to the fact that all said and done it is an adapter with sophistication. The company is also promising a pro model that would respond to custom designed commands which the user is free to design and feed to the  adapter.

The uses of Vocca can be many. For those of you who hate to get out of bed, or get stuck when you arrive home with your hands full , for people with ailments and also for the terminally lazy kind. Check out the whacky video that the company made, in case you need more convincing.

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