Cosmic Pro watch for health, wealth and prosperity!

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Planets in the right alignment are supposed to propel our lives in the right direction, with their energy and positivity. Planets and time are supposed to play a major role in our wealth, prosperity and behavior patterns.

To overcome all the hurdles that the planetary system might throw our way, NextGenSmart have developed the Cosmic Pro Watch. This beautifully crafted watch comes with nine handpicked jewels that represent the Nine planets in the Solar system. These exquisite jewels are set in a round golden dial. The Cosmic Pro is a rare collector’s piece, designed to combine the power of the nine planets and direct it towards you life. Its purpose is to provide a boost to the peace, health, wealth and prosperity factors in your life.

A lot of research and planning went into the designing of this exclusive watch. The designers spent extensive time in researching about the ““The Theory of Planetary Motion and Time” and how it impacts the lives of humans.

The round dial in white and golden makes the watch an eye catcher whenever worn by an individual. The design and the overall impact are sure to enhance the personality of whoever wears it. The golden strap only enhances its aura and one needn’t worry about the quality,  as NextGenSmart are known for their high standards.

The theory that the smart watch developers at NextGenSmart are propagating is that watches empowered by power jewels are the most successful way to tap the potential of cosmic power. The watch is available in many conventional designs and there is one that suits your personality for sure.

The jewels used in the watch are pearls, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, corals etc. Watches in different designs are available for men and women both. If you like to know your specifics  before you make a purchase. Another interesting fact that might catch your fancy is that this watch with a quartz movement,  runs on the throbbing in your wrist and needs no winding or batteries.

The developers at NextGenMart have recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for the Cosmic pro Watch. It is available in the stores in eight varied models ranging from $69 to $225. Check the website of Indiegogo to find more details about the models available.

In other words your days of wondering why things are not going your way or slipping out of your hands , for no fault of yours, are over. Opt for the Cosmic pro Watch and witness how the cosmic energy transforms your life into a positive one. Your days of despair and disappointment, will soon become a thing of the past.

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Via: Indiegogo

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