Audiophiles go check out new LG Music Flow speaker system

LG Music Flow speaker system

LG has finally unveiled its smart home ecosystem, which is powered by a HomeChat service. This modern age home theater system comprises of Music Flow speakers, a Music Flow Sound Bar, a Network Bridge and a Player App that creates the collaboration amongst all the components. It can be easily called a keen Hi-Fi audio eco system.

The Music Flow Speaker models H5 (40W) and H7 (70W), along with the Network Bridge model R1, is now available for customers in UK. Consumers in Europe can grab their unit after the IFA 2014 in September in Berlin. No prices have been disclosed as yet and are being eagerly watched by music lovers worldwide.

The USP of this Music Flow system is its App. Users will be able to manage their thorough music library and connected devices with is help. The App is also designed to give recommendations for songs, access to the Internet, radio stations, easy access to Spotify, Deezer, Napster, TuneIn and work as a smartphone player too.

The LG HomeChat allows users to speak to the App in natural English. LG is also in the process of flaunting the tag function for NFC, and create a benchmark by becoming the first company for launching one touch pairing. Basically, the mesh network technology employed by LG along with the WI-FI in a dual band guarantees the deliverance of crystal clear and un-interrupted HD music playbacks.

The LG Music Flow ensures that using the Multi room Mode option, users can now play the same track in all spaces connected by speakers or a different song in each location.

For a Musical experience that is smooth, uninterrupted and also available on the go, check out LG Music Flow speaker system.

Source: Lgnewsroom

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