Xiaomi fitness wearable band at just $13

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Finally, Xiaomi has joined the fray for wearables in the market. A fitness band at just $13 is sure to catch the fancy of quite a few customers. The Mi band is a smart combination of a fitness monitor with a sleep tracker, with an inbuilt sleep-cycle smart alarm.

For those of you who are passionate about keeping their health graph monitored at all times, the Mi Band is an excellent gadget.

Track your health metrics at all times and you can also use it as an alarm clock. The band is completely water proof, and can go without charging for a month. In other words once you wear it, it pretty much works on its own, while you go about following your normal routine.

Another great feature that will be greatly appreciated by Xiaomi Smartphone users is the fact that you can unlock your phone by this band. Get rid of the nuisance of putting in your password every time.

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With the wearables market ready to boom, the fitness tracker from Xiaomi is sure to carve a loyal customer base of fitness trackers for itself. The company is already working on plans to make the Mi band even more personalized by boosting it with additional features.

In the pipeline are features that will unlock the door when the user returns home or even switch on some smart appliances for him. It is yet to be seen as to how the actual user reacts to this wearable once it is launched in the market.

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