VIDDY is the world’s cutest DIY Pinhole Camera

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If you like to go old school and keep smart phones and technology at bay, this coolest, personal DIY pinhole camera is a thing to look out for.

This iconic and stunning creation first allows you to build your own device and then gives you the freedom to take sexy pictures too.

The design majorly consists of cardboard that has been recycled, screen printed, and died-cut manually. The main features of this product are a red light-proof window, a laser cut pin hole, and before you start fretting, you can use it both with medium format and 35mm film.

If DIY is little old school for you, there is actually an App that can guide you on how to use the VIDDY to take great pictures. Order yours today and start clicking. Thanks to this Kickstarter project some of us can live the old memories again.

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Available in green, black, blue and red, the VIDDY kit sure is the cutest pinhole camera on the street. The instructions in the kit are easy to follow and it comes with its unique set of tools. For those of you who are still wondering, as to what a pinhole camera is. Well, it is simple a camera that has an aperture, instead of a lens to take pictures. The light from the laser cut pin hole is thrown on a film and due to the minute size of the hole, the exposure times are pretty long.

It takes less than 30 minutes to assemble so out go your excuses of being short on time. It looks vintage, is fun and you get to take great photographs too. Not a bad deal we say. At Kickstarter, developers of VIDDY are looking for support and pledge to get their project up and running on a large scale.

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With a £30 pledge you can book your personal VIDDY today and get delivery as early as November 2014.

Via:  Kickstarter

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