The Smart Box from Jonathan Kaplan, promises to deliver your cheese toast gooey and crispy

Smart Box from San Francisco chain The Melt_1

When Jonathan Kaplan, founder of the Flip Video founder, feels that his chain The Melt, is missing out on the wow factor – He invents the Smart Box, which ensures that soggy crusts are a thing of the past.

Smart Box is a perfect example of engineering at its very best, as it promises to deliver cheese sandwiches at your door step, without any trace of rubberization. Sounds too good to be true actually!

The Melt, take their cheese sandwiches very seriously. That is the reason for employing a Tiger Team, aka a bunch of Silicon style engineers whose only purpose in life was to crack the mystery of crisp cheese sandwiches. Let’s not forget that Jonathan Kaplan, was heading retail operations at Apple, some time ago.

A lot of research and trials in real time went into designing the Smart box. The holding and heating equipment of various suppliers were evaluated. The designing stage evolved from the basic cardboard box with a hair drier installed though a hole on one side. The concept of maintaining a flow of hot air, was soon agreed upon by all the team members. The flow prevents the steam from condensing and maintains the crispness of the product. After many long hours of brains storming the final product was developed, that resembles a substantial cooler but in fact it is a walking and working laboratory.

The Final version of the Smart Box comprises of reinforced and insulated plastic, that has an unbreakable seal on all sides. The insides resemble a convection oven, with sensors installed to detect any hot and cold spots. The secret to success is the aluminum heat mat that is placed at the bottom, to ensure that your cheese sandwich remains toasty even while en route.

The delivery boys don’t need to get baffled by its looks, they just need to ensure it is charged and the 9 volt battery takes care of the rest, automatically. Deliveries are expected to start from end of this week and will cover most of Southern California by the end of the fall. So the next time you want to go binging call The Melt, as for now the minimum orders for delivery need to be $50 or more.

The Smart Box will ensure that it is a win win situation for The Melt all the way. But we are sure that the food lovers will agree that it is huge step for humanity and food lovers in particular.

If your food is delivered crisp, and fresh tasting right from the skillet, at your doorstep, you get one more reason to not to go out. For now enjoy your cheesy sinful bites in bliss.

Smart Box from San Francisco chain The Melt_2

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