The Genie Smart lock is shooting for the stars

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Our homes are all set to become smarter now. The Genie Smart Lock claims to make it chic and sophisticated. You can lock and unlock your door with a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Receive and send Bluetooth keys and have complete control on who has access to your home. In other words, control your door, sitting form anywhere on the globe.

The Genire Smart Lock is designed to fit all standard door sizes and can be used in the 54mm door hole. All devices both Apple and Android can be supported by it. And don’t worry if your lock dies out on you, you can still get in using a standard key. You can also  configure access times according to dates on it.

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Locktiron, this is a wakeup call for you, since this new lock boasts of a battery life of almost a year. Yes you heard it right not a few months or weeks, 365 days. Although the lock is still in its final stages, the pre orders are being accepted at $249, with RRP set to be $299. The lock is all set to be launched by the end of 2014, and is definitely worth the wait. Since   there are no other prototypes in the market making the similar claims.

The tall claims of a yearlong battery supply are based on the findings of a secondary power system that is installed inside the premises of the home. This Wi-Fi hub that is plugged inside the home ensures that the Genie SAMRT Lock does not lose battery looking for a Wi-Fi signal. Hence, the lock only uses power for the BLE transfers; the rest is handed by the hub.

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The other smart feature of the Genie lock is the fact that it is a complete replacement door handle and not deadbolts like it’s competitors. Installation is very simple and so is the removal when you decide to move.

The decision to replace your deadbolt with a smart door handle is a very personal one. If you want to go unlock your door while in the car or when holding groceries bags go ahead. The actual success of this innovation is yet to be assessed.

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